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Location & Community Connection: Based in British Columbia, North Shore Tiling is not just another tiling service; we are a proud local member of North Vancouver. For over a decade, we’ve been serving the North Shore community, providing homes and businesses with exceptional tiling solutions. Our roots in this community deepen our understanding of local aesthetics and preferences, allowing us to better serve our neighbors.

Welcome to the Artistry of Precision Tiling

In the heart of a bustling coastal city, where majestic mountains kiss the skyline and modern urbanity meets nature’s grandeur, lies the foundation of our expertise. We’re not just about placing tiles; we merge precision with passion, craftsmanship with creativity. As you navigate through our streets, you might catch a glimpse of our work underfoot or on the walls of homes and businesses, adding beauty and durability to spaces. Dive in to discover how we transform ordinary surfaces into extraordinary masterpieces, one tile at a time.

Tile & Stone Installation

Dive into a world where meticulous craftsmanship meets stunning aesthetics. From kitchens that become the heart of homes to bathrooms that resonate with luxury, our tile and stone installations set the benchmark for quality and finesse.

Stone & Brick Veneer

Transform your spaces with the timeless appeal of stone and brick. Our veneer installations not only uplift the aesthetics but also promise durability. Whether you’re looking for a rustic charm or modern elegance, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

Tile Repair & Maintenance

Tiles, though durable, require care to retain their luster over the years. Our repair and maintenance services ensure your tiled spaces continue to shine, remain damage-free, and stand the test of time. Trust in our team to rejuvenate and preserve the beauty of your tiles.

Showcasing Excellence

Our Featured Projects

Each space we touch becomes a canvas, reflecting both our expertise and the unique vision of our clients. From the shimmering nuances of a backsplash to the grandeur of expansive flooring, our projects are a testament to our dedication to quality and artistry in every tile we lay. Immerse yourself in our handiwork, where each project tells its own story of transformation and precision. Ready to be inspired?


Our North Shore Legacy

Rooted in North Vancouver

There’s a distinct charm in being part of a community, in sharing its history, its growth, its spirit. For us, North Vancouver isn’t just another location on the map – it’s home. Nestled amidst the scenic beauty of the North Shore, our foundation is as strong and deep-rooted as the majestic mountains that define this landscape. We pride ourselves on being more than just a business here; we’re neighbors, friends, and above all, a local entity that understands the unique character of our North Shore community. Our work is not just about tiles and designs; it’s a reflection of the love and dedication we have for this incredible region. Celebrate with us, the essence of being truly local.


Based on 16 reviews
Hans did a great job on my two bathrooms at. Fair price. Highly recommend his services.
He did the job nicely.Right price.highly recommended .
Kara Sy
Kara Sy
Hans completed the tiling for both our floor and backsplash in our laundry area and powder room with great results! He was efficient and communicative throughout the process, providing updates as he worked. He was also very accommodating with scheduling, fitting us in on short notice. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his tiling services and would be happy to have him back to assist with future renovations in our home!
Lauren Travan
Lauren Travan
Hans was great! Polite and really efficient. He ensured we were more than happy with everything including his customer service. I would recommend him to anyone and we will use him again. Thank you Hans 🙂
Jenna Gibson
Jenna Gibson
I am so appreciative of the beautiful tile floor Hans installed in our kitchen! Everything was completed exactly as estimated and on time. Reliable, thoughtful, and so carefully done - I highly recommend North Shore Tiling and I would definitely use again for future projects. Thank you so much Hans!
Karin Grubb
Karin Grubb
Hans helped me out with a very small job (but which meant the difference between a renovation going ahead on time or not) and did so on short notice, did great work and was very professional and pleasant. I really appreciated his skill and assistance and would highly recommend him.
Al Javer
Al Javer
Hans is an amazing tiler he is very diligent with his work, also very thorough and clean and takes great pride in what he does, we have no hesitation in recommending Hans for any kind of tiling job. He also did my other bathroom in the master bedroom and did a fantastic job.